Wheel Building

About 20 years ago people began to track me down for wheel builds.  Word got out and eventually I was building so many wheels it became a natural progression to start thinking about opening a business.  Many years and a few thousand wheels later I still have a passion for lacing up a set of custom tailored wheels. 


Suspension Service

Suspension is a big part of the equation for both the rider and the mechanic.  I have a long history of tuning, modifying and designing suspension systems.  At a bare minimum, you need to be cleaning and lubricating your suspension on a regular basis.  It's like changing the oil in your car.  Spokewerks has you covered for quick turnaround wiper and lube service for your regular maintenance.  I can also help with tuning advice, and if you find yourself with a damaged or broken component, I work with all the major manufacturers to quickly get you back on the trail.



After spending several years fabricating custom steel and titanium full suspension frames, I realized building them one at a time is too expensive to be part of a profitable business model.  I no longer offer frame fabrication, but it's a skill that deepens my knowledge of bicycle mechanics so I'm including it here for reference.  Of course, if you must have a titanium suspension frame and price is no object, then let's talk.


Internet Friendly

The best prices are usually on the internet and it's easy to browse, compare spec's, and have that shiny new item delivered to your doorstep.  But there are still some things the internet can't do.  It can't install your bottom bracket, assemble your new bike, or figure out why your shifting has a mind of its own.  Spokewerks is designed to bridge the gap between internet resources and the local services you need to keep your bike dialed.


Your high tech bike needs a high tech mechanic.  Spokewerks is for the serious cyclist who has invested in the best equipment available.  You want to take care of your investment and have it running at its full potential.  My focus is specifically on modern high performance mountain bikes.  You know exactly who is working on your bike (me) and don't have to worry about your prized possession banging around in the back of some service department, rubbing against beach cruisers, and waiting for a random tech to decipher its service card.  I can provide parts at reasonable (internet) prices or you can bring your own.


Custom Builds

If you ride mountain bikes for enough years, you will eventually want to roll your own.  Being service based and not constrained by Big Brands forcing me to stock and sell their inventory, I'm able to offer unbiased advice and help you navigate the near infinite array of choices you have when putting together your dream bike.  I can source most components and a handful of boutique frame brands.  Or you can bring in your parts/frame and I'll button it up.  I'm happy to work with any combination of in house, internet sourced, or used parts from your last build.


Personalized Service

Most people have "Their Guy" when it comes to important stuff.  Maybe it's your doctor, or your stylist, or car mechanic.  They know what you like, they know your history, and they have a track record of good results with you.  Your bike mechanic should be the same way.  You shouldn't feel like your throwing your bike to the wolves when you drop it off.  Spokewerks is a client based business, meaning I will only work with a sustainable number of clients because It's vital I know each one of them personally.  That is the only way I can work at the best of my abilities and get the best results possible.